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About Us

Toddlers and babies!


Wee Little Singers provides both caregivers and their children with resources to enhance both physical and social development .



Wee Little Singers is an early childhood educational music program. This program allows caregivers and child to interact through the use of folk music, rhythm instruments, books to music, dance and many other educational activities. While bonding with your child they will develop musical tools to nurture their independence, language, social, motor, cognitive and musical skills.

A child’s most formative years in musical development are through the ages of birth to three. Here at Wee Little Singers we develop these musical skills as well as stimulate the brains interconnections between the right and left hemispheres through the simplicity of singing.


“Caregiver–child interaction through singing can be a potent focus for stimulating activity in all the nervous system networks, for stimulating growth and retention of neuron interconnections within and between the brains two hemispheres and thus contribute to the acceleration of all of the intelligences identified by Gardner.”1


If we wait until our children enter school to introduce music we have missed the most crucial years. So please join me at Wee Little Singers where through the use of musical play we enhance your child’s intellectual and musical development.


You are your child’s favorite toy so this is an opportunity to share in your child’s new accomplishments and educational growth through the use of play!


-Tiffany Miller

Meet The Founder

Tiffany Miller

Founder & Owner

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